Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday

It's my birthday today so it seemed apropos to launch my blog today! This journey began 5 months ago at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference. I was dying to go to this conference -well, really the Friday night blogger dinner. I wasn't able to sign up when I wanted to and the dinner sold out. I had my ticket to the conference though so I drove 2 hours in the pouring rain to barely make the first session on time. Much to my surprise, I was handed a ticket to the blogger dinner. Yay! Some miraculous way, I was in. I felt like I won the lottery! I was so excited. The sessions and presenters were amazing. It was finally time. I walked into the blogger dinner and immediately was overwhelmed. Ever had that amazing, adventurous idea and got smack in the middle of it and thought wait? what am I doing here? I had driven up by myself, didn't know anyone except the bloggers that I had religiously stalked followed all year. Somehow, I had forgotten I don't actually know these people. I found my way to a seat and checked out the loot in our bags. Shortly after, a bubbly brunette came and sat next to me and we said hello. Esmerelda and I proceeded to chat and have a wonderful evening. I got my picture taken with Kristin from A Teeny Tiny Teacher...starstruck!  Esmerelda and I started talking about starting our own blogs. Kelley from Teacher Idea Factory came over to us and talked about tips for starting a blog and was so encouraging. Next thing we knew, it was time for the raffle. We were absolutely sure we were going to win! Esmerelda and I were so close every time! Some teacher even won twice..wait? what? Two people at the table next to us won one right after the other. The numbers were read, I looked down ...."HEY, that's me!" Esmerelda and I both looked at my ticket and sure enough I actually won something. (I never, ever win, people, EVER!) I came to the front and won the most amazing short vowel basket ever by Dragonflies in First. Traci took a picture of us with my winnings. Felt like Vegas! So after two days and one amazing night, I decided to start my blog. So fast forward to today and here I am, continuing to be inspired by these magnificent ladies and ready to launch...Ahoy!