Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy Birthday

It's my birthday today so it seemed apropos to launch my blog today! This journey began 5 months ago at the Southern California Kindergarten Conference. I was dying to go to this conference -well, really the Friday night blogger dinner. I wasn't able to sign up when I wanted to and the dinner sold out. I had my ticket to the conference though so I drove 2 hours in the pouring rain to barely make the first session on time. Much to my surprise, I was handed a ticket to the blogger dinner. Yay! Some miraculous way, I was in. I felt like I won the lottery! I was so excited. The sessions and presenters were amazing. It was finally time. I walked into the blogger dinner and immediately was overwhelmed. Ever had that amazing, adventurous idea and got smack in the middle of it and thought wait? what am I doing here? I had driven up by myself, didn't know anyone except the bloggers that I had religiously stalked followed all year. Somehow, I had forgotten I don't actually know these people. I found my way to a seat and checked out the loot in our bags. Shortly after, a bubbly brunette came and sat next to me and we said hello. Esmerelda and I proceeded to chat and have a wonderful evening. I got my picture taken with Kristin from A Teeny Tiny Teacher...starstruck!  Esmerelda and I started talking about starting our own blogs. Kelley from Teacher Idea Factory came over to us and talked about tips for starting a blog and was so encouraging. Next thing we knew, it was time for the raffle. We were absolutely sure we were going to win! Esmerelda and I were so close every time! Some teacher even won twice..wait? what? Two people at the table next to us won one right after the other. The numbers were read, I looked down ...."HEY, that's me!" Esmerelda and I both looked at my ticket and sure enough I actually won something. (I never, ever win, people, EVER!) I came to the front and won the most amazing short vowel basket ever by Dragonflies in First. Traci took a picture of us with my winnings. Felt like Vegas! So after two days and one amazing night, I decided to start my blog. So fast forward to today and here I am, continuing to be inspired by these magnificent ladies and ready to launch...Ahoy!


  1. Oh, Kimberly . . . you made my day. I am so glad that you jumped in with both feet!!! If you have ANY questions along the way, look me up. Us Cali girls always stick together. Congrats my friend. Well done.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! And Congratulations on your new blog! It's adorable! And I second what Kelley said!

  3. Kimberly - Congrats and Happy Bday! I love Honey Bunch design...yours looks amazing!
    I teach in So Cal too.
    Teaching and Much Moore

  4. Congratulations, Kimberly, I will have to follow your blog as my grandson starts K this year. Being a retired teacher, I have been working with him a lot. He is ready and it will so fun to watch him grow. Big Hugs Jan Oh and Happy, Happy Birthday!

  5. First of all- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    Second of all- I am so jealous that you went to that conference!

    Third of all- Could you add an email subscription button so I could follow you that way?

    I'm moving from 6th to 1st (WHEW). I taught K for 6 years before 6th so I'm hoping it won't be too much of a culture shock for me! LOL!