Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Wonderland So Cal Blog Hop

Happy Winter! I am so excited to be teaming up with very talented bloggers and TPT Authors for a blog hop-my very first one! I've been watching all the pictures and videos of #blizzard2016 affecting the mid west and east coast and am astonished at all the snow (and praying for their safety)! While we don't have snow, we do have some other fun and entertaining places, we thought we would share with you. So if your one of those stuck in the snow, I hope these pics will bring you a little winter joy, or maybe help you plan your next family vacay!
Some of my favorite things in So Cal...
The Water.  I love being out in the water, by the water, near the water. It's one of my favorite things about Southern California. In October, we went on a friends boat out of Newport, along the coast to Emerald Cove where my girls paddleboarded (I love to as well!) and we all hung out on the boat.

Laguna Beach. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little city. We love to wander the shops, eat at funky little places and explore the area. My oldest found this "little hike" at Thousand Steps Beach. Not goin lie-barely made it back up those 230 steep steps #needtogetinshape.

Irvine Spectrum. We are a family of three girls so of course shopping would be one of our favorite things to do and places to go. In winter, they have an outdoor ice rink. And how can you pass up Barnes and Noble, cheesecake and LOFT. Read, Eat, Shop=life!

It never seems as if you have enough time to do all things you need or want to do. I have really tried to make a conscientious effort to add some fun into our lives. My oldest is a senior and I feel like our time is so precious before she's off to college. Trying not to waste the time so we try to have little dinner dates, go on hikes, find quirky things to do and just spend time together.
Speaking of time...
I created this great unit on Time
and you can get a freebie by clicking here...

Head over the Shawna, The Picture Book Teacher to keep the Winter Fun going...
The Picture Book Teacher style=

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  1. Kimberly,
    WOW! The ocean is so blue in your paddle board pictures. Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I snagged that great winter time FREEBIE and love it. It's just what we're working on right now. Thanks!

  2. Hi Kimberly,
    I love your ocean pictures! Paddle boarding - you go girl!
    Thank you for the freebie - I like the way you put the clocks inside the snowflakes - cute!
    Peggy @ Primary Flourish

  3. Laguna is just the best! And paddle boarding, my fave!

  4. I've been wanting to visit Irvine Spectrum. Thanks!

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